Thursday, March 18, 2010

Batter Up - Spring is Here!

This weekend will be the first in quite some time that we're not freezing our butts off for the glory of brewing.  Spring has arrived at Good Scarlett HQ.

At the plate is the Edel-Hell again (A.K.A. Edelicious!).  If we could brew more than 20 gallons of this liquid gold we would because this beer is impossible to keep around.  Not too many people have tasted it yet because, frankly, we've been hoarding it.  We promise to let some of this batch out in to the wild for people to try.

On deck is Shawn's Triple A (American Amber Ale) - another fantastic beer.  I had a pint of it on St. Patrick's Day and was again reminded of how tasty this hoppy ale is.

In the hole, possibly the Four Shepherds Stout although we may put in a pinch hitter as we still have a lot of stout at the moment.  We're also performing some equipment upgrades that will allow us more flexibility in our brewing schedule.  Right now we have to stick to an Ale, Ale, Lager, Lager pattern.  The equipment upgrades will free us from having to follow any pattern at all.  This means that we could brew the Edel here again if we wanted.  Awesome.

The Whitetail Ale has been kegged.  Obviously, we waited a bit too long to brew this "holiday" style beer - I don't think Memorial Day is supposed to count.  We'll do better next year.  This beer is a slugger (for us) at 6.7% ABV.  We don't usually make beer this strong (we like to drink beer, not fall down) but it was a big hit last year.  We recommend drinking it while already in the prone position to save time.

Happy Spring everyone!