Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Roll On

Tons of things going on around here. New equipment (look at this place!), new recipes, and new techniques, and of course tons of beer. Here are some of the major notables from the last month.

New Software

Things are getting complicated, so we invested in Beersmith software. This is an excellent product that has been around for some time. We've done two 20 gallon batches with it so far, and it hasn't led us astray yet. It is especially helpful when using more complicated brewing techniques, such as...

Decoction Mashing
We did our first decoction mash yesterday on the Oktoberfest. Using a newly acquired and modified keg (a Weihenstephan keg at that) to boil part of the mash, we ended up with an amazing tasting wort. We are very excited about this beer!

Grain Mill
The new grain mill is working great. The best part is that we can now buy our grains in bulk (much less expensive) and we can buy them at our convenience which helps scheduling. Shawn did his usual excellent work mounting the mill and motor to a rolling cart.

Main Man Aric
He's going All Grain! We're going to try to help Aric out with equipment as much as we can. We're hoping he can drive out (from Kansas City) and pick up some of our gear that we no longer use. In addition, we've offered to build him a new Keggle. As a bonus, we're hoping he can time his trip with our...

Huge Octoberfest Beerfest Party
For those of you that know us, keep an eye on your in-boxes. This party is going to be EPIC!

Our buddy Jeff brought us a case of Grolsch swing tops! These bottles, officially called Beugels, are tough to find these days. Although Grolsch still uses them, these are the older 467ml bottles that are no longer made. Awesome. Thanks Jeff!

Thanks to Aric for sending me an awesome Guinness bar mat (bought in Ireland no less) and number-one-brewing-partner Shawn for the tap/faucet drain thingy. These two items will keep me from having to clean up so many messes around the taps!